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Mark Horneff writes in IT Pro Portal about why it’s more important than ever to address digital skills gap
24 May 2017

PocketGamer talks to our Creative Director, Kris Turvey, about Kuato’s games philosophy
7 March 2017

Kuato releases Noddy Toyland Detective in conjunction with DreamWorks Animation
24 November 2016

Dino Tales Jr wins prestigious Junior Design Award
29 July 2016

The Memo - 13 digital leaders driving education forward
10 May 2016

TechCityInsider - Kuato plays game of code
3 May 2016

The Memo - The British games studio loved by parents, teachers – and Barack Obama
3 May 2016

The White House - Science Fair 2016 Announcement
13 April 2016

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Dino Tales Jr

Explore an island packed with puzzle play, storytelling and music before turning your adventures into mini movie masterpieces to share with loved ones. A colorful and exciting world of dinosaur play from the award-winning studio …

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Dino Tales

Calling all dino-adventurers! Explore a lush prehistoric island with 6 adorable baby dinos.  Play games, dig for fossils, discover thousands of facts, and ask all-knowing Darwin all your dinosaur questions! You can be both adventurer and storyteller …

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Kuato Studios recognized by President Obama at White House Science Fair 2016


We believe that play should be an integral part of any learning experience. Our mission is to create games that offer new models of learning and engagement, games that focus on strategic thinking, collaboration, innovation, creativity, problem solving – skills necessary for 21st Century Learning. We want young people to develop these skills and aptitudes while immersed in an engaging and challenging game environment.

To us, it's more than just developing games. We also create additional teaching resources, and run active outreach programmes for teachers who want to introduce game-based learning to the classroom. Together, these are having a positive impact on student engagement, both in school and beyond.

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Going platinum in the educational gaming industry

In the past month, the power of mobile gaming has been blazingly illuminated by the rise of Pokemon Go, which has swept the world, engaging millions of children. Certainly, the beauty of truly exceptional video games is …

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Code Warriors in the classroom

Find out how teachers are using Code Warriors in the classroom to teach coding, and download your teachers guide.

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