Code your way to victory and become the ultimate code warrior!

Giant robots and JavaScript are your weapons of choice as you program your way to victory in this strategic combat game. No previous coding knowledge is required to crack the code as the game guides you from a beginner, to coder, to warrrior. Let the battle commence!

Earn your coding rank

Develop your JavaScript skills as you move from Beginner, to Junior Coder, to Coder, to Warrior.

Game Features

  • Learn JavaScript
  • Hone your coding skills with Single Player Challenges and Boot Camps
  • Play through different coding ranks; Beginner, Junior Coder, Coder and Warrior to become the ultimate robot warrior
  • Build your ultimate Code Warrior in the Chop Shop, a hi-tech garage full of weapons, robot parts, and paints
  • Earn coding credits for match and challenge completion to spend in the Chop Shop
  • Customise your Code Warriors and share your creations with friends on Facebook
  • Compete against your Facebook friends with a large arsenal of weapons and in four awesome arenas

Looking to use Code Warriors in the classroom? Download our Teacher’s Pack, which includes a guide to the game and lesson plans. Teacher’s Pack

Game Support


There's a lot of talk at the moment about encouraging children to learn programming skills, and a growing number of apps aiming to help. Code Warriors is one of the most intriguing ones.

Stuart Dredge, The Guardian

We have been using Code Warriors in school as a way to deliver an element of our computing curriculum. It has been one of the most engaging tools we use to teach some of the more complex elements of the PoS – such as the text based language requirement. We have seen a dramatic increase in 'out of school' participation from children in regards to developing their skills – this is down to the manner in which the game enthrals and engages the learner.

Matthew Rogers, ICT & Computing Subject Leader at Snowsfields Primary School

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