The Memory Jogger

RECALL is a new, fast paced, social trivia game that presents you with fun facts.… then quizzes your recall in a race against the clock!

It’s not what you know.. it’s how fast you can remember. RECALL is the only quiz game where you don’t need to know anything to start playing and by the end you’ll be the ultimate trivia master.

Challenge your friends

Compete against friends to prove once and for all who is the smartest!


Game Features

  • Free to play
  • Test your memory with a wide variety of topics
  • Create a game based on your own interests
  • Play online: compete against other players from around the world
  • Play friends: compete online against your Facebook friends to prove who’s the smartest
  • Customize your Mecalls with unique unlockable items
  • Improve your performance with help from RECALL’s personal trainer: The Memory Jogger
  • Earn rewards and unlock content by reaching higher RECALL scores
  • Daily Challenge: memorize inspirational quotes from The Memory Jogger to earn extra hearts

Experiencing problems with the game? We’re here to help Find help on our support page.

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“Totally addictive and fun. I am not a big gamer but I loved it.”

“A good way to test your brain and have fun against your friends”

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