Driving Learning Through Play


We believe that games, and the principles that underpin them, play a key role in engaging 21st century learners. We focus first on skills – critical and strategic thinking, reasoning, creativity, innovation, problem solving and collaboration – and then we create a compelling game that fosters the development of these skills. We call it Learnification: skills that drive learning, with play at its core.

Our games provide rewarding and immersive places in which players learn through self-directed exploration and their own decision making. Continuous feedback, performance challenges, team learning, inquiry-based environments, and motivation by reward, are all fundamental to the Kuato philosophy. At the core of everything, however, are 21st Century Learning outcomes – a blend of skills, knowledge, and expertise.


“The fact that the students were in the room with real-life game developers was a success in itself” – Piers Young, Fulham Prep

The Education Community

From providing additional teaching materials, to running student workshops and delivering CPD, we are always keen to support teachers as they introduce game-based learning into their classrooms. All of our products, throughout the design and implementation stages, are informed by educators and students. Continuous feedback is one our key design principles, and an important aspect in achieving the right balance of gaming and learning.
We are always delighted to hear from teachers and educational institutions. If you would like to find out more about what we do, please sign up to our forthcoming Edu Portal, email us at edu@kuatostudios.com or connect with us on Twitter.

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100 Hours of Code

With coding high on the education agenda, and its inclusion on the UK curriculum from September 2014, Kuato is offering students an introduction to programming through CodeWarriors, our robot strategy game. The aim of the sessions is to introduce students to JavaScript, and the principles of programming. Also, there will be the opportunity to meet developers and designers from the studio to talk about the games industry.

If you would like us to come and visit your school or organisation, please complete the registration form here.

To accompany CodeWarriors, we have created a Teacher’s Pack, which offers a comprehensive guide to the game, as well suggestions for lessons and further learning. Download it here.

Kuato in the classroom

“In my opinion I liked the game as it made you think a lot and stretched your brain and your knowledge.” – Thomas Tallis School, March 2014

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