It's All About The Tale


We are a creative studio focused on engaging children in narrative learning play. Our games allow children to share their Tales with grown-ups, and through those Tales, allow grown-ups to remember what it was to be young, and free to believe.


The world needs more stories, and children are the purest source of creativity.


They are the storytellers. We are the Talesmakers.




We create award-winning apps and games. We have been No.1 on over 500 App Store charts worldwide.


Our Library of Games

A Trusted Brand

Father's Quarterly

"We love the idea that dads will sit with their children, reading storybooks, playing with the verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, asking Darwin questions... All part of the adventure of reading."


"The ability for parents to be altered to the completion of a play session and then sit down and read through the storybook together is a perfect way to reconnect and discuss what the child has achieved."

Kiddy Chart

"The patented system of creating a book from a kids game play is truly exceptional and offers great potential to the company for future installments."


"The game has proven a hit in schools from Eton to the East End of London..."

USA Today

"This ground-breaking game is a magical blend of gaming and reading."

Pocket Full of Rye

"The readily engaged child becomes both storyteller and discoverer, as the games build individual play sessions, compiling wonderous tales simultaneously."