#Skimhack weekend with the Stemettes


This weekend we headed to Skimlinks, London HQ for the Stemettes #Skimhack weekend, where we introduced girls aged 5 – 22 (and their parents!) to JavaScript with Hakitzu.


The theme for the weekend was dancing and shopping and all the girls were there to learn about and be creative with JavaScript. For those who hadn’t done any programming before, we used Hakitzu to start them off, learning about the format of code and thinking about the strategy they might use in the game. Some were already coding pros so they created a project around the theme that used HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Saturday was spent getting the girls started on Hakitzu. Having arrived in the morning as beginners, by lunch time they were already well on their way to becoming Hacker Champions. We were impressed by how quickly they progressed, and it was clear to see they loved playing!

Even the parents got involved and really enjoyed learning some code with their daughters!



On Sunday, after the morning ice breaker of JavaScript Simon Says (which is our new favourite game, by the way), we took what the girls had learnt the day before and got them playing against each other in a multiplayer tournament, with the final being played in front of the judges.

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The weekend was rounded off with a presentation in front of the judges, where the girls who created their own projects showed off what they’d done.

Our 3D Artist Allie was on the judging panel, she said;

“I couldn’t be more impressed with what the Stemettes are doing, or with the quality of work these girls and young women were producing. I was absolutely blown away by the creativity and technical skill, and this is to speak nothing of the spirit some of these girls possessed. The Stemettes are clearly filling a great need with their work.”





The judges were also shown the last few round of the Hakitzu final! Congratulations to Helena for winning!



Thanks to the Stemettes for inviting us along, we had a great time! Another big thanks to Skimlinks for providing a great venue, food and all the drinks! Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to the girls who got involved… you were all brilliant!

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